Vegan Leather Figure Skater Dress

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by lkz
January 1, 2014

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 110 lbs

Less give than the classic figure skater dresses

I have a small waist (23"), so I took an XS like I do for the nylon tricot version of this dress. Read reviews for that product if you're not familiar with it because this review lists the differences between the two. Like the nylon tricot version, it's short, so wearing little shorts underneath isn't a bad idea but not all that necessary at my height. I would recommend that anyone bustier than a typical B cup size up from their ny-tri size because the bodice doesn't stretch much. it gives a bit more nipple protection than the ny-tri version, but you can also wear a demi-cup strapless bra if you need extra support. The leatherette holds everything in place (e.g.: a bra) better than the ny-tri version. The halter tie on this dress also becomes looser much easier than the nylon tricot version. You'll need to tie it extra tight in order to avoid it slipping down over the night.

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