Red Flex Fleece Dog Zip Hoodie (XL-2XL)

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by Walter
October 17, 2013

Height: 2' 0"
Weight: 45 lbs

A bit snug!

I bought the XL for my 45lb English Bulldog, the site said the dog in the picture is 65lbs and wearing the same size - I don't think so. My dog is a skinny English Bulldog, boarderline underweight and at 20lbs lighter than the dog in the picture the XL size was tight on him, to be honest it was fine around his stomach and back, and a good length, no issues when he needed the bathroom, but snug around his chest. I could zip it, but it was really tight around his legs and just wouldn't pull up enough on his neck to get the leg positioning right, the leg holes need to be wider. The jacket itself was cute, but if I ordered again I'd get the 2XL and risk it being too long.

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