High Heel Bobby Patent Lace-Up Shoe

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by Sarvie
November 4, 2013

Fit really small

I tried the shoes on in store and I'm the kind of person who never ever ever wearws high heels, but these were so adorable and very basic which was in my comfort zone. I like that the heels are not too tall; I wanted to get the black and I'm usually an 8, but they were so tiny they hurt. I went up to an 8.5 which was the last size they had in the store but they were STILL small and I never end up buying shoes bigger than 8.5. I think if you're someone with slightly wider feet these fit really small, and they would definitely not be comfortable to walk in for hours.

Fits? Small
Recommend to a friend? Yes

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by Laura
October 21, 2013

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130 lbs

Pink, cielo, and gold

Yes I bought three pairs!!! I spent forever just AGONIZING over whether to get these, I never spend more than forty dollars on any shoes I won't be using for running, hiking, or snow. But they were just so cute, I couldn't stop thinking of all the things I wanted to wear them with. So I sucked it up and ordered them. They are the cutest shoes I've ever had and I have millions of shoes. They go with everything, ESPECIALLY the jewel tones that are in right now, like burgundy. And obviously they go with all of the pastel pinks and yellows that have been in forever. I definitely recommend them. HOWEVER, I have only had them for a little over a week and I haven't worn them for much more than visiting friends and modeling for the mirror, so I will have to post a new review when I see how they wear. The cielo and the gold (listed separately) are to die for, and the pink ones haven't arrived yet. But I'm still considering getting the black ones, which is insane. I really don't need this many of the same shoe. But they make your legs look so long and your feet look so little and dainty... Also, I recommend getting your ACTUAL size. I normally get 8.5 in running shoes, 9 in hiking boots, 8 in heels, and 7.5 in HIGH heels, but I ordered these in 8.5 and they fit perfectly once you tie them. Okay that's all, enjoy your shoes, and don't cry too much over the price, I hope they wear well so I can have them forever :)

Fits? True Size
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by Han
September 21, 2013

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 144 lbs

Cute But Won't Last Long

These are so cute! I love the way they look, they are incredibly comfortable and I can wear them all day without pain. I get compliments on them all the time and they go with everything (I bought them in nude). They make for a perfect rainy day shoe and I love them. HOWEVER, I've had them for just two weeks now and they are already showing signs of wear and tear. The tongue of the shoe is fraying, there are dents and tears in the leather, and scuff marks that just wont come out. They simply won't last. Not worth the $100 dollar price tag.

Fits? True Size
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by Mariel
May 15, 2013

I like these shoes a lot, I just wish more people would review them or share their thoughts as I was a little nervous ordering and spending $95 on them with no reviews (except on the other versions of the Bobby Heel) to help me to decide otherwise. But since I have the Dancing Shoe which is essentially the flat/heel-less version of this shoe, I figured I would like these as well. I ordered them in Cielo and the color is gorgeous, very subtle. My only advice here is to order them a half-size to full-size up as I originally ordered a size 6 and they fit okay, but they made my already tiny feet look TOO teeny-tiny so I ended up exchanging them for a 7. The 7's fit and look much better. I am tempted to order them in Pink and Rey as well, however I would like to see some slideshows, Ads modelling the shoes, or Seen and Submitted pics in these colors first and get more ideas on what to wear or pair them with.

Fits? Small
Recommend to a friend? Yes

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